How to Text a Girl You like with Confidence

It can be nerve-wracking to figure out how to text a girl you like for the first time. You don’t know what you are going to say, or if she even wants you to text her. The rewards are great when you text someone that you really like – if they like you back – but the risk is also pretty great. As human beings, we just seem to take rejection personally and it can affect our self-confidence, which is what you need when talking to girls.

So, how do you develop that self-confidence when it comes to sending texts? How do you choose exactly the right words to send and how do you know if what she is texting you means that she likes you? Understanding how to text a girl you like all comes down to texting with confidence, something that you can improve upon if you follow the tips that are in this article.

The Tao Of Badass

Make your texts lighthearted

So, what to text the girl you like that is going to give you the best results. You want to go with things to say to a girl you like over text that are lighthearted and fun. There is certainly a place and a time for things to get serious but when your first talking to someone you should keep it as lighthearted as possible.

What you are doing is creating a good experience with the girl. She is going to remember the conversation that you had fondly because you both had fun. If you ask too many serious questions she isn’t going to be as responsive.

Until you have been dating a while try to keep the serious questions as few as possible unless she starts asking you a couple serious questions and then of course you can respond with the same.

How to text a girl you like using teasing

One of the best ways to text a girl to like you is to tease her. If you had a younger sister growing up, you are already familiar with this type of teasing. When you tease a girl, several things happen:

First, she is going to wonder in the back of her mind if you really like her because you’re doing this teasing. Of course, she knows that you do, or you wouldn’t be teasing at all, but still this creates an air of mystery. Also, it allows you to compete on her playing field rather than having her way up on a pedestal.

Teasing is simply a great way to get a girl to start liking you because she views it is a challenge and as something fun and exciting because of the teasing.

The Tao Of Badass

Create space for her to chase you

If human beings were compared to any animal in the animal kingdom, some would say that when it came to relationships and dating, we are most like lions. That’s because women enjoy the chase is much as men do and in many cases more – just as a lioness does most of the hunting.

You want to make sure that you create space for her to chase you in the way that you do that is by pushing her away a little. For example, jokingly come up with a reason once in a while why you two would never work. This makes her want to make it work even more.

Guys that don’t allow the woman to chase them often have a hard time dating because they come on too strong and are not a challenge for the woman.

Pay her a compliment

Of course, you don’t always have to be teasing and joking. Once in a while you can pay her a compliment. This is just something sweet that you should do once in a while to let her know – or rather reminder – that you like her.

For example, you could say that something reminds you of her or you could comment on one of her pictures and say that she looks particularly attractive that day. The point is, to at least give some indication that you do like her and that you’re attracted to her.

Of course, if you do this too much and you’re going to break some of the other rules and that could make her not is interested in you. Keep the compliments to a minimum until you have been dating a while and you may not want to use them at all when you first start dating.

The Tao Of Badass

Make her anticipate your texts

Another thing that you can do to pique her interest is to make her anticipate your texts. The first part of this is only texting when you know that she is available. For example, if you text her during class or when she is with her friends, she might get a little annoyed because you are invading her personal time.

But if you text when you know that she’s available, then what happens is, you make her anticipate your texts during that period of time. She will know what time you are going to text (approximately) and start looking at her phone and waiting for you to text. This gives you a distinct advantage because you have all of the control in the relationship at that point.

Use self-depreciating humor

Finally, learn how to text a girl you like by using self-depreciating humor to your advantage as well. She needs to know that you don’t take yourself too serious and that you can laugh at yourself once in a while. This is important because it shows that you know who you are and that you have confidence in yourself.

Some guys do the opposite of this, which includes bragging about their good qualities and this definitely has the opposite effect. Yes, girls want to know that you are confident in yourself and that you believe in what you have or do, but that doesn’t mean that you should brag about them. Listing your accomplishments actually makes you seem less confident, not more confident.